Why Choose CSS

Still debating the fact of whether or not CSS is worthwhile. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets that allows an xhtml page of content to be formatted. An example you say? Check out www.cssvault.com.

Going from pure flash sites to pure CSS sites is quite an overhaul. Taken the fact that Flash is completely ‘on-the-fly’ versus the static nature of css, it will be hard to decide which is better. Conforming to universal standards is always a plus, such as the W3 standards of CSS.

Right now the main plus of CSS is fast, and I mean uber-fast content. Secondly, any browser can view the content. Thirdly, you can proclaim yourself a CSS God when finished (a few years back I claimed myself to be linux god as well…)

Well here goes my live test of CSS in the working world…

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