Ragnar – Run. Eat. Sleep? Repeat.

After 32 hours, 13.4 miles of running, and 2 hours of sleep, I’m back from the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay of 2009.  Thanks to Chase & Lindsey Brammer, Kellie and I were invited to join their VIP team along with Brady and Nicki Brammer.  The other six teammates consisted of coworkers and friends from Rain Interactive.  Hence the name of our team, “Make it Rain!”

The Ragnar is a relay race where a team of 12 people get two vans and run 188 miles divided into 36 legs from Logan to Park City (also known as the Wasatch Back).  Each runner gets three legs where each leg varies in length from 3 to 9.6 miles and ranges in difficulty from Easy, Moderate, Hard, to Very Hard.

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