Flex 2 Adobe Certified Professional Prep

Today I paid the $150 and took the Flex 2 certification test. I passed and am now an ACP – Adobe Certified Professional (add that to my Flash MX 2004 Certified Developer, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certifications).

Overall I found the test to be challenging. I wouldn’t take it without sufficient preparation. Here are my Flex 2 study preparation tips:

  1. Attest – provides practice tests and quizzes. Some questions on the official test came from the questions found on these practice tests.
  2. Lynda Free 7 Day Trial
  3. Flex 2 Advanced: Using Data Services – a must because the average flex developer hasn’t used RemoteObjects or WebServices very much and the test is roughly 30% on these topics.
  4. Flex 2 Beyond the Basics – great review of advanced flex topics.
  5. Flex 2 Essential Training – great review of basic flex topics.

Obviously use the flex documentation as a reference over concepts that you are unfamiliar with.

Topics founds on the test that I rarely used include: IViewCursor, Flex Data Services.

Good luck.